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Working towards a future where women are safe at home

Radio shows to change behaviours and

prevent intimate partner violence before it happens.

One in four women worldwide have experienced intimate partner violence

They suffer the profound consequences of intimate partner violence

A roadmap to prevention in East Africa

Last year, in East Africa, 1 in 5 women faced violence from their partners.


Because prevention is possible, we focus on broadcasting edutainment radio shows that can change social attitudes and positively transform behaviors.

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Why edutainment radio shows are promising

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Edutainment works

Edutainment combines education with entertainment, using engaging shows like dramas to propose alternative behaviors.

A study in Uganda showed that short entertainment programs with a message against violence led to a significant drop in partner violence. Just six months after people watched these programs, there was a 25% decrease in violence cases. Several other experimental studies have been realized, with significant positive results.

The WHO says one of the best ways to stop violence before it starts is to change people's attitudes and beliefs. Studies back this up, showing that what is considered normal behavior plays a large role in violence against women.

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Social norms shape the world

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Radio is affordable

Over 60% of the population in Eastern Africa tune into the radio every day, offering an extensive reach at a fraction of the cost compared to television. This makes radio an ideal platform for mass-media interventions.

The intervention's potential is recognized by reputable organizations like Innovations for Poverty Action and Founders Pledge, both highlighting the impactful role of mass media interventions in social change.


Key organizations recommend this intervention



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